INO Dryer HA Drying oven

Tunnel oven with transport belt INO Dryer HA is a universal device for ink drying and thermofixation after printing on various materials (PVC, foils, auto-adhesive papers, cardboard, transfer print foils, textile, T-shirts, etc.).


Tunnel oven can consist of various combinations of following units:

1. Drying unit with hot air

Air circulation within the drying unit is assured, with regard to ink type and printed material characteristics, by:

A. Air circulation by air blow from above and suction beneath the reticular transport belt

This mode is appropriate to dry low-vapor inks, for heavier-than-air particles, for light printed materials (paper, foils, etc.), which need vacuum to be firmly fixed to transport belt because of important air blow.  
Tunnel oven is equipped with automatic mechanism to prevent rate decrease when transport is loaded with printed material. In this case drying efficiency is not decreased.

B. Air circulation by air blow from above and suction partially from above, partially from beneath

This mode of drying assures fixation of printed material onto reticular transport belt, water vapor suction is assured above, by the shortest course
2. Cooling unit with ambience temperature air

Some printed materials need to be cooled before grabbing or stacking.
Unit consists of two fans: one’s function is to suck ambience air and blow it onto glass through the air-jets, other’s functions is to suck air from the cooling unit and exhaust it outside the premises.