Screen printing machine INO Print VS2 is a modernly designed screen printing machine for printing on different materials on vacuum table. Easy handling, swift tool exchange, fine regulation of all for printing important parameters are just some of its advantages.
• Robust construction of machine affords precise repeatability of printing.
• Drawer with printing material, which is under the vacuum table, allows ergonomic poise. Operator does not have to turn left and right.
• Screen is always in horizontal position - therefore ink does not drop behind the scraper.
• Machine is ergonomically designed which requires minimal operator’s effort.
• Possibility of adding ink into the screen from a sitting position.
• Squeegee and scraper pneumatic holding system.



INO Print VS3 = INO print VS2 + Automatic take-off device
• Automatic take-off device increases productivity up to 30% and print quality as well as renders operator’s service easier as he only takes care to load printed materials.
• Take-off could be performed from any position of the vacuum table.
INO Print VS4 = INO print VS2 + Servo drive of lifting system
• Servo drive saves expensive air consumption.
• Screen retraction when loading is adjustable up to 450 mm.
• Max printing object height is 400 mm.

INO Print VS5 = INO print VS4 + Automatic take-off device

INO Print VS6 = INO print VS5 + Automatic positioning on previous print