About us

GRAFCOAST has been working for the innovation and development of the image elaboration process in order to get the best results for screen printing and flexo.




XerioRip offers an excellent range of screening technology for a lot of printing processes, from silk-screen printing to flexo and also digital. These technologies are unconnected from peripheral devices and give you a perfect quality of print.
XerioSEP is a color-separation software developed specifically to optimize the polychromy screen printing.
An indipendent set of SPOT COLOR separation



Grafco AST’s XerioRIP are nowadays absolutely necessary for the screen printing prepress and for the graphic teams that reproduce images using industrial printing technologies like Flexography .
The application of these software  is not restricted to the textile world though.
The Company Grafco, that works side by side with Grafco AST, is a chemical company that developed during last 35 years, specialty UV, water based and solvent based screen printing inks.
These specialty inks, studied specifically for High definition printing, can be used with high meshes with no printing problem to obtain the high definition halftone prints generated by the Grafco AST’s software.
We named this solution generating high definition results like HD screen printing and can be applied on plastic materials, paper, MDF, wood or any other surface that can be screen printed.
The solutions obtained by the Grafco AST’s software together with the Grafco’s high definition inks are a revolution in terms of quality standard for the screen printing  industry, increasing at the same time the solutions offered by the screen printing technology.
The innovations introduced by GRAFCO AST enable a significant simplification of the workflow during prepress and upon the print of photograph-like images using the screen printing technology.
The quality that can be reached through the HD Screen printing helps any innovative and advanced screen printing company  to compete on the global market, even from medium to little runs with digital prints, not only in the advertising world, display and POP, but also in the industrial or textile field.
The HD screen printing  assure for instance, the best reproduction in printing on any surface not only of Photograph-like images  but even the reproduction with the screen printing of wood, marble, texture and complex surfaces.
The cost of the screen printing technology calculated for every single prints is nowadays much lower than the digital one even for the medium and long runs. Above all it ensures to any application the well known reliability, outdoor fastness and adhesion of the screen printing inks technology that have been improved in the last 30 years for the wide range of industrial materials employed by  the industry.
Thanks to the experience achieved by Grafco in the screen printing inks you can get excellent HD screen printing results, exceptional printability and stability that can be applied to those very demanding industrial sectors where the employment of just a specific kind of inkjet  is allowed, thus limiting the application of the digital print technology.