spot color separazione photoshop plugin




XerioSEP has been designed as an extremely quick, easy and reliable separation software.




XerioSEP is designed to optimize the screen printing of polychromy. It is an INDEPENDENT SET of SPOT COLOR SEPARATION.



The coverage of the whole chromatic range is a great advantage to the optimization and selection in inkjet printing.



Color correction function, Curve, Multi-Script



It allows the conversion of Multichannel images and CMYK into fixed ink set


XERIOSEP is a standalone software solution that allows the color management of any inkjet printer in a totally new way compared to the current systems.
Thanks to special color profiles, created by spectral synthesis software, you can get the whole control on the print quality without having to print and check with a spectrophotometer the color patches that are usually used for this purpose.
The pre press graphic designer or print operator can freely and easily change the color force and the ink percentage in every area of the image.
This system has been especially designed for CMYK and above all it can optimize and enhance the results of the new generation printers that use additional colors to the classic CMYK.
GrafcoAST has the necessary technology to completely and directly control the inks used in any digital printer.
This solution makes every printer unique as it differs form any other on the market using classic color profile systems.
XerioSEP is compatible with the most common printer RIP currently available on the market., enhancing the quality and the control over any print.
To be able to operate on the file using the real colors of the digital printer opens up new possibilities to make your printer system unique as well as your production.  


color correction

The color correction function allows the correction of a color in a specific area of the image. You can change the color in a quick and easy way. This tool uses the color information in a more accurate way than Photoshop so that you have a total control on the separation and its interaction with all the available colors.


With this new tool you can change the density of any single color of the separation script.


color mapping

The new Color Mapping function allows the conversion of multichannel images or CMYK into fixed ink set. The image control in the inkjet printing has become essential, it is therefore necessary to use a tool that can convert the image data with a function that is independent from ICC profile in order to be able to use all the real colors of the printer.


With the new multiscript function you can cancel or copy color channels from the different scripts of the software to create your own separation system and your personalised color script. Through this function you can change the colors of the separation. If for example a color is too light or too dark, you can change them  through the LAB values or you can add the LAB values of a Pantone color.


GrafcoAST grants a color separation SCRIPT development support in order to make your Xerio SEP a unique working tool.
The multi script separation solution gives the user the maximum autonomy during the separation, obtaining shades and masks in a simple way
GrafcoAST’s Xerio Sep is not a Photoshop plug-in but is a color separation software that is very suitable for textile and screen printing. It is completely stand-alone. The complete separation autonomy, without the employment of additional softwares but with the sole use of Photoshop, is a great advantage for the file management. In fact, it helps the graphic operator to easily adapt the separation to the print requirements, to the limited color number and to the printing machine. The coverage of the whole chromatic range upon separation is a great help for the optimizations and selections made for the inkjet print. Xerio Sep simplifies the complex color selection operations and saves time for the contour ones. It certainly is an ideal solution for the whole screen printing and flexo process with extended gamut.

Operating system :

Mac OsX 10.7.5 (or newer) Apple released a new OS Catalina. We are currently working on software support of this new OS. Do not perform an OS update until you learn from all vendors that your software and Catalina are fully compatible.

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